Windows xp updating path

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One of the reasons that Windows 7 has received better acceptance than Vista is the fact that there has simply been more time for Microsoft and third parties to address the main customer complaints about Vista.

For example, Microsoft refined UAC to reduce the number of notifications, and performance-tuned Windows 7 for the tasks customers commonly perform, thereby making the OS more responsive.

However, not all businesses are ready to replace their desktops with new systems—even though the economy appears to be turning.

Most new systems have 64-bit processors, but many older systems don’t.

(If you’re not sure whether your system is 64-bit capable, download and run the Secur Able utility from com/) Even if the system to upgrade is 64-bit capable, you’ll really only benefit from the 64-bit edition of Windows 7 if you plan to use more than 4GB of RAM in the system.

It’s important to remember that Windows 7 is essentially the next release of Vista.

It shares most of Vista’s core attributes, including the Aero interface, a new device driver model, and User Account Control (UAC).

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