Who is tammy torres dating

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But at a better time.” She also said that the story would be about which one was a better lover, Drake or Lil Wayne.Sound like Lil Wayne could be cutting someone a check if he ever wants to release that tell-all book.

Tammy Torres is a hip-hop/eye candy model and aspiring actress who appeared with rapper Lil Wayne in his music video "Ms. Once romantically linked in paparazzi circles to Lil Wayne, he has also recently made and released a song called 6'7 and it had something to do with him breaking up with her.Tammy is reportedly derogatoraly mentioned in the song as a "hoe".Born February 4, 1986, the half-Cuban and Moroccan beauty, who was born and raised in Palm Beach, FL, has graced the covers of numerous mens' magazines, as well as numerous music videos, and also has her own website, Tammy Two men fighting over the same girl is a thing as ancient as mankind itself.Still, there is nothing more exciting for onlookers than two men slugging it out over who gets the girl! The two men in question are rappers, Lil Wayne and Drake.

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