Who is andre benjamin dating

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There’s so much more I can do with a million dollars.” I thought that was really smart. And then you go through this “Ah, man, I hate my mom” phase. When you’re growing up, your parents are trying to set this great example for you, so they won’t tell you all their shit. It takes a lot of pressure off the kids to realize, This is a more recent thought?

Financially, are you in a place where money doesn’t affect your decisions about releasing music? And then one day—I think it was Mother’s Day or Valentine’s. I took her out to the movies, and I’d left something in the car, and when I walked back to meet her, I looked at her and caught her face in such a way that I thought, “Oh, wow, that’s Mom.” It’s like that moment where she’s not just this person that took care of you. Yeah, when I was around 35, my mom pulled me to the side in the kitchen. When you watch early Out Kast videos, Big Boi’s the leader. You can’t have thoughts in a battle—nobody gives a shit about that.

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I’m an artist, and I’m buying bootleg shirts of another artist, so I felt bad. I gotta watch that, as someone that’s come in the game and has loved these guys. But you’ve always struck a balance between what’s going on with the culture and that left-field 3000 thing.

Then, after the shoot, he would actually in 1996, thinking of André Benjamin as an extraterrestrial has been pretty standard, but being around him is more like hanging out with a precocious and imaginative kid. Because the more you run from it, the worse it gets.

He cautiously lets you in on his oddball ideas, of which there is a steady flow. “I would say I’m a gullible person,” 3000 tells me at one point. You don’t want to explain it, because you don’t want to be a weak link around your friends.

If you try to point out that André 3000 has already mastered a very specific musical discipline (namely: rapping), he will deflect and say he’s never felt like a strong rapper at all.

Which means that André 3000 is on everyone’s top-five list—except his own. He showed up for one conversation in the lobby of the Mercer Hotel moving slowly and holding a plastic CVS bag.

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