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The simple reality in today's world is that A LOT of people are taking advantage of the fact that sexting behaviors are rapidly becoming normalized from a cultural standpoint.

In fact, the results of a new study on sexting were released just a few weeks ago, indicating that 87.7% of all American adults have sexted at some point in their lifetime, with 82.2% sexting within the last year.

Both say they've learned to enjoy tech-sex almost as much as the real thing. For the most part, research on sexting has focused on the possible downside, viewing it as a risky activity possibly correlated with high-risk sexual behaviors, substance abuse, and other potentially problematic activities.

However, scientists have also looked at the potential upside of sexting behaviors, finding that sexting is generally unrelated to psychological wellbeing and that health professionals may want to start thinking about it as a normal part of human sexual development and exploration rather than the devil's handiwork.

Instead of having a serious and potentially uncomfortable conversation over coffee and a scone, they can just send a sexy selfie with a question mark attached, essentially asking if their new paramour also wants to up the ante.

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And in truth most other research does provide lower numbers: 44% of young adults in one study, 43% of young adults in another study, etc.

John and Jane, both pursuing a Ph D, met eighteen months ago at a party thrown by a mutual friend.

They exchanged names and numbers, friended one another on social media, flirted a bit online and via text, and eventually decided to go on a date.

In the Mechanical Turk study cited above, for instance, people in casual relationships reported a positive correlation between sexting and sexual satisfaction, while people in serious relationships felt that sexting neither improved nor diminished their sexual satisfaction.

It was only the single people who reported a negative connection.

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