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I have read a lot on this forum but I am not really interested in opinions of whether work for the dole is right/wrong, I am really mainly concerned with the rules/facts to be able to survive it.Currently I really really want to know how much the Jobactive provider gets paid for placing me in a work for the dole position.The system only cares that you have reported income.There's a legal difference between "income" and "work".Jobactive does not cater well for this situation as it is all based on the time you have been officially on Newstart, regardless of how much you have been paid. Where are the documented rules in respect to WFTD and workplace injury ? I must provide evidence of why I cannot attend (medical certificate only, will not accept a statutory declaration) .If you have been on newstart for the last 6 months then you move into a work for the dole phase. From Department of employment – National Customer Service Line – 1800805260Your Jobactive provider should have liability insurance that will cover you for any workplace injury once they have done a risk assessment of the Host organisation where you are performing the work for the dole activity. I will need to make up the hours lost on another date, If it is a longterm sickness that is stopping me attending WFTD I can go to centrelink and ask them for an exemption from WFTD for sickness.

If you are on a partial rate, you will only have to do enough hours to make up any 'gap' that is missing.Have just been forced to start work for the dole and I am desperate to find out what my rights are.Unfortunately the official information from department of employment is limited and the information from my Jobactive provider has proven to be incorrect and not to be trusted.i.e if you are on a partial rate, working 10 hours a week and your requirement is 15, you have to find 5 hours of something else to do to add to your 10 hours of work. You will still have to undertake the full 6months in the Phase. You should be covered under the insurance of either your provider, or the areas Work for the Dole Provider, depending on who sourced the activity iirc.(every region has a dedicated provider whose sole job is to find work for the dole activities for people to engage in, but individual providers can also find their own) 4.

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