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Then the pilgrim discussed some Yoga texts with them and found that their explanations could not excel those given to him by Śīlabhadra at Nālandā.

From the 5th century to the eleventh century, the island of Sri Lanka saw continuous warfare between local kings, pretenders and foreign invaders such as the South Indian Chola and Pandyan dynasties.

At the time of Mahinda arrival, he brought a sapling of the Bodhi Tree to Sri Lanka and the first Buddhist monastery ,monuments and monk were introduced Among these, the Isurumuniya and the Vessagiriya remain important centers of worship. Manhindra also brought sacred bodhi- tree under which , Lord Buddha get enlightened.

He is also credited with the construction of the Pathamaka cetiya, the Jambukola vihāra and the Hatthālhaka vihāra and the refectory. Mahavamsa §29 records that during the rule of the Greco-Bactrian King Menander I, a Yona head monk named Mahadharmaraksita led 30,000 Buddhist monks from "the Greek city of Alasandra" (v, around 150 kilometres (93 mi) north of modern Kabul, Afghanistan) to Sri Lanka for the dedication of the Ruwanwelisaya in Anuradhapura, indicating that Greco-Buddhism contributed to early Sri Lankan Buddhism. As a result of the work of Buddhaghosa and other compilers such as Dhammapala, Sri Lanka developed a strong tradition of written textual transmission of the Pali Canon.

This created form and Ānanda, who learned from it, preached the doctrine.

Before the 12th century, more rulers of Sri Lanka gave support and patronage to the Abhayagiris, and travelers such as Faxian saw the Abhayagiris as the main Buddhist tradition in Sri Lanka.

However, after meeting Sri Lankan monks in the Chola capital who were refugees, he decided not to visit: At the time of Hiuen Tsang's visit the capital was visited by 300 Bhikshus of Ceylon who had left the island in consequence of famine and revolution there.

On the pilgrim telling them of his intended visit to Ceylon for instruction, they told him that there were no Brethren there superior to them.

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