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Some of the girls were as young as 18 and the oldest were in their mid-30s.On a day when the brothel was closed for business, Rama and four other women wrestled with one of the guards and escaped.With over a million refugees already having fled to Lebanon because of the war in Syria, many believe the Lebanese government needs to make a greater effort to stop the country’s rise in Syrian child workers, prostitution and sex trafficking. Beirut, Lebanon - When Anthony Kerbage and Elissa Abou Khalil go into schools and scouts' clubs across Lebanon to talk about sex, there are certain topics such as abortion that raise hackles.READ MORE: Women decry Lebanon's domestic violence law The SCORA scheme sees 15 students from five of the country's universities visit around 20 schools and scouts' groups, in an attempt to fill in the gaps left by the school curriculum, and to tackle long-established beliefs about sex education.A peer educator's session may look something like this."You say to the pupils, 'I'm just a few years older than you, I'm a medical student and we are just going to talk about these things …'" says Elissa, who grew up in a family of gynaecologists."At first you have to tell them not to laugh, and at the beginning they perhaps find it weird, as they are not open.

There have been no sex-trafficking convictions since late 2011, and the laws in place have not adequately protected women. Rama said the number of customers often doubled on weekends.She said women who had not yet lost their virginity when they arrived at the shelter had their hymens broken with a bottle.If they fainted, they were shocked into consciousness with an electric prod.The women, 29 of whom lived in Chez Maurice with the others in a nearby house, were forced to have sex as many as 10 times a day on weekdays.

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