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good amount of times but I would get really horny in class, and fantasize about my classmates and teacher.I would pull my jacket down, bring my arm inside the sleeve, and start ******* off.I was squirming in my seat when I noticed that my girlfriend was doing the same in the seat next to me. He was a really cool guy because any other teacher might have reported me.We were at the back of the class with no one near us so I... I sat in the front row and the desks were fully open in the front. uncontrollable desire as soon as sit down even now.

i like to ********** in class at school so that other boys see me do it.I walked in, and after I had finished, I got the idea. I imagined this hot girl in school, one of my best friends, giving... I always did it in between classes so I was usually alone. My other friends had gone home and I was waiting for mom to pick me up.I use to get horny in class, but I was always afraid to have sex with in the bathroom because I never wanted to get caught. I knew she wasn't going to be there for a while so I just walked...So I used to just lightly rub my **** over my panties in class. so horny but I remember being in french class in tenth grade and I was already wet.This one time I just really needed to have an ******, I couldn't focus. There we were the *********, as some guys called us, me and my two best friends. Sometimes one of our classes was cancelled, today was one of those days. I was in the back, and I decided to take care of myself.

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