Lots of fish and dating

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After pouring 0 million into aquaculture over the past 10 years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has opened up a controversial permitting system in the Gulf of Mexico.

Rising water temperatures are also increasing disease prevalence among sea life.Then there’s the concern of escaped farm populations—which have been selectively bred to grow rapidly—spreading disease and competing with wild populations for food.NOAA and advocates such as the Ocean Stewards Institute defend offshore fish farming, saying that swiftly flowing tides and lots of open ocean will reduce problems like overcrowding and disease.Fish can be battered, baked or simply dusted in flour and fried.And you can call ahead if you have a gluten intolerance for gluten-free frying. Henley’s, Wivenhoe Tom Parker-Bowles has previously raved about this multi award-winning chippy, which is the regional winner in the 2017 Fish and Chip Awards.

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