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This collection is envisioned as a tool and a resource that can be used by teachers, researchers, students, and the general public - in brief, anyone interested in the experiences of Africans who were enslaved and transported to the Americas and the lives of their descendants in the slave societies of the New World.We would like to emphasize that little effort is made to interpret the images and establish the historical authenticity or accuracy of what they display. At 17.22 the Slave phone texts master: Slave: Here Sir Master: ok take only keys and Slave phone.

Ms O'Hara was admitted to St Edmundsbury Mental Health Hospital in Lucan, pictured below, on July 14, 2012 and was discharged on Wednesday, August 22, 2012. Yes you are my slave but I need to be serving me not stuck in hospital. U will have to drag me out Master: You will do what you are f***ing told. Slave: No offence sir, but do we have to do it in rain. Master: Don't worry, it's never as bad as u think it's going to be. Be a good person/slave/friend and I want to try and have a normal life without talkin and thinkin about that. More painful getting stabbed on empty stomach, suit yourself. x Slave: Did they close the recycling place at Shanganagh. Make your way on foot to park next door and text me in middle. Master: ok Slave: ok sir is the park with the playing fields in the top part or bottom.Master: It's very deep in the forest and yes you do. I'll take what you give sir but can have some punishments like that or live on 5 a day an u take my cards. Slave: I'm lost I'm in football field now Master: look for railway footbridge near footpath Slave: Here now, where's park? Please let me try Master: Ok Later on August 21st Slave: Why cant my punishments be like that sir (a reference to living on bread and butter for a week). Master: ok cross railway bridge in to next park near cliffs.

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