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The employee added that Linu had promised the woman that he would marry her. Meanwhile, the accused has told the police that he live streamed the video to win 'Likes' on Facebook."He (Linu) said that he did it to get more likes on Facebook. He might have done it to take revenge on her when they fought.However, according to police, the girl did not realise the sexual act was being broadcast live on social media platform.Since its broadcast, the video has surfaced on many social media platforms including being widely shared on Whats App.Linu, works at a hotel in Nedumkandam in Kerala's Idukki district.The video which went viral on Facebook was also shared on other social media platforms like Whats App. Though reports have claimed that the act was live streamed on purpose, the woman complained that she was completely unaware of it.

The police are probing the angle of revenge porn after they found more private videos of him with the woman.

The police have also said that the visuals do not substantiate the woman's rape claims and that the sex was consensual.

However, Linu stuck to his stand that he made the video with the woman's permission, with whom he had an affair. The woman, who works in a textile showroom, is said to be in a relationship with Linu for the past six months. Her colleague was quoted as saying that Linu used to visit the woman's house frequently and used to stay over at her place.

After the woman filed a complaint against Linu, the man in question, was arrested by the police yesterday.

His Facebook live-telecast, meanwhile, went viral on various social media platforms and instant messaging applications like Whats App.

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