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The following February he quit school for good and started work at a food processing factory where his parents were also employed.He took dead-end jobs and relentlessly pursued sex, refusing to take no for an answer.Aged 19, he was referred to a psychiatrist after suffering a breakdown.Amanda Marshall, a former girlfriend, lived in Immingham with Huntley when she was just 16 and recalled his sudden rages and violent mood swings.The following month the charge is dropped completely after the discovery of CCTV footage from inside the club shows Huntley dancing with and kissing the girl.She says dancing with Huntley by no means represented her consent to the violent sex that took place a short time later.

The family moved to Immingham where Ian went to Eastfield Junior School. Aged 11, Huntley went to Healing Comprehensive but stayed for only one year.The death was judged an accident but police did not know that Huntley had a habit of throwing girlfriends down stairs when he was angry.His only conviction of any kind dates from October 1993 for riding a motorcycle without a licence or insurance.She was knocked unconscious when he struck her on the head with a pool cue.After another row, Huntley took a massive overdose and nearly died.

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