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Afternoon drifts into evening as we spend a very pleasant few hours wandering through the busy market and having a few drinks at various bars.During our walk about town we have noticed many of the Hotels and bars are named after foreign cities such as the Paris where we are staying.As I crush the packs into a lucky space in the luggage rack by the door Pam and I become separated by the flow of more people entering the train and we end up standing at each end of the aisle as the train slowly pulls out of the station.Pam is accosted in rapid Turkish by an outraged older gentleman and has no idea what is going on until he switches to English and explains that he was hoping she would stir some of the teenagers sitting adjacent to her playing video games so that he and his wife could sit down.Stopping for no apparent reason frequently and often moving at what seems like walking pace the long train journey seems interminable and we are well over an hour later than the scheduled arrival time when we finally pull into Selcuk.Half the passengers seem to be disembarking in Selcuk (pronounced Selchook) and we chat for a while on the platform to a couple of guys from the US and Canada while the crowd dissipates.Neither Pam nor I make any claims for prescience or any other psychic abilities so perhaps it was only common sense leading us to book a cab for early the next morning on our return journey from Antalya Archeological Museum.

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Accommodation is relatively inexpensive in these smaller Turkish towns, we are only paying about Australian per night, so we decide we will leave our big packs in the hotel room in Selcuk and just pack a few clothes into my day pack for Pamukkale.

Pam, a master salesperson herself, has no patience with hard sell tactics and brushes his expensive sounding proposals aside.

Having survived the Lycian Way we have no need for packaged lunches and guided tours. Our room is large, spartan and on the third floor with a window which gives a view of the covered market stalls in the streets below.

The proprietor is friendly and speaks good English which he tells us he learnt from his Australian wife.

Asking us if we have plans to visit local attractions such as Ephesus he then launches an enthusiastic barrage of hard sell tactics to pre-book travel options to various destinations.

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