Introverts and extroverts dating

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Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who mistake professional niceness for genuine interest and assume that the waitress or the bartender is really into them.Those cute designs in your latte foam are more about getting you to be a regular than sending you secret affogato-encoded love notes. Seriously; women in the service industry deal with guys who think that they are the Casanova she’s been dreaming of all these years.This goes double for when they’re on the bus, the subway or the train.A woman reading or listening to her headphones is making a determined effort to shut the world out until it’s time for her to get off at her stop.There will always be exceptions to every rule and people who may be receptive to being approached under these circumstances.Many people – myself included – have experiences where they have successfully gotten a number or a date or what-have-you from a bartender, a waitress, someone they met on the bus or the train. You can’t bank on people explicit indications that she’s interested in talking to you… It’s better to “miss out” on an opportunity than to end up being yet another warm body in the asshole conga-line of her day.well, now she can expect to see him make the first move; the last thing you want to do is cause the woman of your dreams to associate you with other mass transit creepers.

Locking eyes is one of the classic approach invitations, so she’ll go out of her way to not meet .

One of the keys to getting better at interacting with women is to understand the differences in how men and women are taught to communicate.

Women are taught to be indirect when communicating their desires and interests – especially when it comes to interacting with men – and are more likely to rely on non-verbal communication.

One of the worst possible places to approach women is on just about any form of public transit.

You’re dealing with people who are frustrated, stressed, hungover or generally wishing they were anywhere else.

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