Intimidating a public servant washington

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Yes, there was opposition to the Trump agenda, epitomized most dramatically by the late January Women’s March.

Still, these dark months may well provoke a silver lining: a reminder for fellow citizens that public service is not about serving the President, but rather the Constitution and all for which it stands.

It wasn’t lost on the millions of protestors that hers was a path that virtually anyone could follow.

To be sure, Yates is a unique, but not singular, figure in this unfolding drama.

Other public servants have since followed in her footsteps. These voices have recently been joined by public servants from the Environmental Protection Agency and the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS protesting ignorant, misguided, and malign Administration policies.

Senior State Department officials, for example, have publicly condemned several of this Administration’s key foreign policy tenets, including the abandonment of the Paris climate accord, as well as the seemingly capricious approach to our traditional allies in the Persian Gulf, which have been whipsawed by contradictory messages on U. Meanwhile, other public servants have waged a quieter, and often anonymous, battle against Trump, taking their concerns directly to the Fourth Estate.

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