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The Womens ball hockey in the province of Ontario emerged in the mid 1980's as a result of the efforts of OBHA pioneer and Hall of Famer Judy Ilcio.The first ever female president of the OBHA (1989), who was aptly described by the sport's icon Ken White as, "one of the finest people that our sport has ever been associated with", formed the Toronto Womens Ball Hockey Association in 1983 and played an integral role in the development of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association as well.A sanctuary of dreams for aspiring players who began their imaginary trek to NHL stardom with only a stick and a tennis ball, bricks for posts and sponge for pads in an arena where the automobile was the only impediment to fun and frivolity until the next goal wins.No one, however, bothered to inform the "administrative pioneers" who steadfastly moved the game "off the streets" and into rinks. Hall of Fame is a celebration of Ball Hockey History.As the decade came to a close, Ontario's progress and resurgence continued as it spread to National level of participation, where it's recent successes had been few and far between.

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CWS Sports, another storied and revered franchise in the OBHA, won the AAA Provincial Championship in Mississauga later that season, but broke the string of four consecutive Ontario victories at the National Championships as they fell to the St.

The OBHA began it's dominance of the game at the national level of competition at an early stage in it's history, winning 14 of the total 21 CBHA Championships contested to date, which included a record string of sing straight Ontario titles highlighted by the sport's first ever 3-time Canadian Gold Medal victories by the Fernview Rangers during that stretch. Heisman Hershel led the Bulldogs while Louisville's Doctors of Drunk dominated the boards in college hoops.

Rangers Ball Hockey Club established in 1977, is one of the most tenured and celebrated organizations in the history of the OBHA. At age 23 Steve became the youngest player ever to be fitted for The Green Jacket. stars were a common fixture throughout the eighties in ball hockey and often played a key role on their respective teams.

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Street Hockey was appropriately described by Toronto Star writer Mitch Potter as, "the recessive gene that makes us Canadian....precise point on the genetic double-helix spiral that equates road hockey with spontaneous, innocent fun.....a truly cultural phenomenon that harkens to Canadians on the street and their memories of childhood." Street Hockey was not originally intended to have been played in manufactured concrete structures, governed by administrative authorities with established rules and regulations in hgihly organized leagues that provide it's participants with local, provincial and national championship competitions.

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