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These tips are for all the new camgirls or current camgirls that aren't at the level they want to be at.I'm assuming "that" level, would be the one where you have regulars who do privates with you visit and tip during your public shows.Treat your Instagram posts like commercials for your brand.

If you have a "Goal Show" and will do [insert sex act here] after a certain amount of tokens, make sure the build up to that show is good, too!

Is your brand message coming accross in the right way?

If you're having a show later on in the day, is your "Instagram commercial" making them want to watch it later?

Honestly, I think those days are gone- I wouldn't rely on having luck. You cannot just log on, with a menu of things your willing to do for an amount of money.

That shit doesn't work and is incredibly boring to watch.

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