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The 2001-S and 2002-S 10-coin silver proof sets, which were also issued for .95 each, hit 5 and in the CDN during the mid-2000s.Those same sets retail today for and , respectively.Of these, the 1999-S and 2001-S Proof quarters, both clad and silver, have historically been the priciest.

Throw in the various copper-nickel clad Proof and silver Proof issues (137.8 million and 54.5 million pieces, respectively), and the total figure for all statehood quarters stands at an incredible 34 billion.If there’s any good news for those who bought 50 State Quarters proof sets during their heyday in the dawning years of the 21st century, it may be found among some of the 90 percent silver proof sets.Several of these sell for at least as much, if not substantially more, than their original issue prices.Has it really been nearly 20 years since the 50 State Quarters program kicked off?Time has certainly flown since the Delaware quarter marked the first installment, yet these popular coins still show up with some frequency.

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