Dating dims

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By having the date as the actual value you can also utilize time series functions for charts and drill functions providing far greater flexibility in reporting than would otherwise be available through a character field.

Date Hierarchy for Drill Down: The next step in making your time dimension table really useful is to define a drill down hierarchy.

My problem is that there are times when I feel I need him and miss him so much that I lose this balance of surrender; sometimes I am overwhelmed with my emotions and miss him terribly and this causes an ache and sadness in my life.

In terms of usability, the typical business user is not versed in SQL date semantics, so he or she would be unable to directly leverage inherent capabilities associated with a date data type.So, here are just some of my thoughts on experiencing the clearest, easiest and healthiest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey ahead.Perhaps some of the commenters can add their thoughts too.As you know, it has taken me a long time to get back to you on your question. The reason for this is I think that what you are experiencing is not only a normal grieving process, but also a multidimensional and complex situation affecting your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self.As I pondered the important issues you address in your question, I almost got too many ideas and answers because of the multiple layers of your experience.

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