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* * * Then again, some people could care less whether they’re on camera or not.As we start living more of our lives online, do our “real” lives become less compelling to watch?This antidote to reality television encourages patience and discovery: the subtle thrill of live surveillance footage, of watching while being unseen, brings the power of spying to any viewer with a broadband connection and time on their hands.Webcam aggregation sites touch on the paradox of data availability — we choose to share much of our lives publicly but often feel uneasy at the thought of being watched.

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After the initial burst of interest, traffic has settled down to around 5,000 visits to the site per day.He knows the cameras are for the people watching them, not for the cats and dogs in front of them.“The animals could care less whether they’re on camera or not,” Sachson says.Take the camera of Susan Dennis, one of Opentopia’s most popular feeds.Her living room is a close runner-up for most frequently viewed, with more than 128,000 views since the site has been counting and nearly 800 comments on her page. Fuji reigns in the site’s top spot.) According to Funch, Dennis’ camera is one of the more contentious ones on the site because people assume that if it’s in her living room, it’s snooping or invading her privacy.

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