Cvs remove sticky tag without updating

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For example, bugs sometimes creep in when software is modified, and you might not detect the bug until a long time after you make the modification.With , you can easily retrieve old versions to see exactly which change caused the bug. You could of course save every version of every file you have ever created.As CVS knows nothing of your project, it leaves resolving the conflicts to the developers.Whenever a conflict is reported, you should open the file in question, and search for lines starting with the string You do not need to worry about whether a file is ASCII/Text, Unicode/Text, or Binary as Tortoise CVS automatically detects this.Before committing, you should do an update to make sure there are no conflicts (see Updating your Sandbox).To commit your changes start by selecting the file(s) or folder(s) that you want to commit.Which files and folders the operation is performed on depends on what you have selected and where you have clicked: Occasionally you may want changes done by others to get incorporated in your local working copy.

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This operation recursively descends down the folder structure, and displays all unadded files in the Add Dialog.

It is all too easy to overwrite each others' changes unless you are extremely careful.

Some editors, like GNU Emacs, try to make sure that the same file is never modified by two people at the same time.

Here you can check and uncheck the files and folders you wish to add to CVS.

For more information see CVS Add and CVS Add Contents....

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