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Now , I wasn't like that and it was frustrating for me to not get even one decent conversation and I wasn't asking for much.So , some people may call me a Master-Con here but ask any of the people I've talked to if I've conned them into getting something immoral or something like that; but I didn't. I'm an Indian and I'm present on nearly every major social network play store has to offer.I like all those apps and services where you can meet new people , share stuff and talk to them like Whisper , Fling , Kik and what not.Antichat gives users access to more than 1.6 million people worldwide in thousands of different themed chat rooms.Those who use the site do not have to use their real names and it can be completely anonymous.I'm a proud Indian but some Indians are disgracing us out there on the Global Platform and that needs to stop for this repelling attitude towards Indians to go away.

Unbeknownst to Buta, Miss O’Connor took over the conversation and then passed the information to the police.Now , there is something I wanna say before before I tell anything else.I'm really proud to be an Indian and not ashamed to say it.During two days of conversations Buta asked for explicit images and to meet for sex.The JEP has learned that the Antichat site is popular with some children, primarily teenagers, in Jersey.

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