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My name is Johan Stenehall and I am a web-developer. We want to open up our API and make integrations with other services to provide more value to our customers. However, I only clip it on when there is some special occasion.

For instance, holidays, travels or meeting an old friend for a cup of coffee.

One change you might notice right away is that it now defaults to the Google search engine instead of Yahoo. Before I decided to take a selfie every day for a year, I didn't take selfies at all.

Mozilla is framing this as doing the right thing for its users, but in reality, it may just be taking advantage of a really bad deal that Yahoo signed. Because I didn't want people to judge me like I was judging others.

During sex, female praying mantises have a tendency to kill their partners with a decapitating cutting blow that would make a samurai proud.

But as this shocking new video shows, just because a male doesn't have a head doesn't mean he still can't get it on.

Over the past few months, Netflix has really gotten into establishing itself as a place for Asian-made genre content.

Between the oodles of anime series its licensing and a whole host of Korean acquisitions, it's becoming a go-to place for foreign genre.

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The tools used by shadowy hackers involved in this black market trade were detailed in Trend Micro's latest research.

Humans do not yet live on the moon, but author Andy Weir has a pretty good idea of how people could - and would - make their homes and live their lives there.

He also has a pretty good grasp of how people could pull off a heist there, too.

And while digital effect videos can obviously be entertaining, there's something extra special about seeing a cool practical effect created. The venture capital world is dominated by men - and for companies led by women, especially companies creating products FOR women, pitching to these male investors can be a demoralising experience.

Women sitting on billion-dollar ideas aren't taken seriously simply because the people writing the checks don't understand their experience.

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